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At Vunite Photography, we see each moment as a beautiful story of your life that you will long remember and cherish.

We wish to value each and every moment of your life and hence we capture it in our lens. Our idea of photography is more than just capturing pictures; it involves capturing emotions and lifetime of memories.

Maintaining a personal connect with the people we shoot for brings us to the acme of excellence. Try and experience the best way of capturing your memories with us !!

  • Vignesh Gurumoorthy


    "Photography is an important part of my space”

    I am a passionate photographer who absolutely loves his job and everything that comes with it.

    I appreciate the people i meet, the places i go, the hours i keep, and the spontaneity in every shoot.

    I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life ,the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments ,and hence click pictures with a similar vibe.I want my thoughts to relate to my photography through recognition of and familiarity with situations, emotionsand energy so much that they wonder if they are looking at the picture of someone they know.

  • Vaithi Nagarajan


    Vaithi is a boy next door who aspire to become BIG in something that he believes in!! He is a software engineer professionally but more of an avid photographer “passion – ally”.

    He is a person who is more passionate about traditional arts and had been an exponent Mridangam / Drums player for last 15 years. He is a part of band - Yuvadhwani which uniquely fuses classical and western music.

    He has an eye for ALL forms of art and loves to see them with a different angle. Ultimately wanted to capture the moments better and cherish it for life – Alas, bornthe photographer!!

    For Vaithi, photography is something close to his heart. It’s been his dream. His path to a world of wild imagination. The world which he could only feel, see and bring it to life thru his camera.

    The world which he would like to share it with you and the world which you would cherish for life in the form of beautiful pictures.

    So, he believes that you would make him part of your journey in capturing beautiful moments of your life and cherishing it forever with his clicks!!

    "I hope u can call me for a coffee and discuss about your session " Keep Smiling!!
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